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Have you decided that your current home just doesn’t suit your needs anymore and that the time has come for you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of? You don’t have to settle for less, or make compromises that are inherent with renovating, when you build your new home with Porter Davis.

You love your current neighbourhood, the kids are in school and as they grow a lack of personal space can also become an issue. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stay exactly where you are in a brand new home that’s designed to meet all the needs of your family?

With the cost of renovating spiralling upwards, an increasing number of people are now considering a knockdown and rebuild so they can stay in the area they love in a house that perfectly suits their lifestyle. You can make your dream home a reality with the help of the Knockdown & Rebuild Team at Porter Davis.

The Benefits of Knockdown & Rebuild

  • Move into the dream home you’ve always wanted.
  • Continue living in your suburb and street.
  • Keep your children at their current schools.
  • Stay close to the local shops, amenities, and services you love.
  • Enjoy a brand new home more suited to your lifestyle and personal style.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • More cost-effective than a complicated and lengthy renovation to an older home.
  • Keep the equity in your land and avoid hefty stamp duty and selling costs.
  • Avoid restrictions and compromises associated with renovating an older style home.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home with a 6-star, or more, energy rating.
  • Potentially increase the value of your property when you’re ready to sell.

Getting Started

OK, we’ve now established that you’re in the build zone, your block looks like it’s suitable for a Knockdown & Rebuild solution and now you want to start the exciting journey of finding the home that is just right for your family. Porter Davis has a large range of quality double and single storey homes that have proven very popular with people looking to Knockdown & Rebuild.

Why Porter Davis

At Porter Davis we think what we do matters, because a new home is so much more than bricks and mortar. We believe a new home is the foundation to the picture of how life should and can be. To us, the idea of a home goes way beyond construction, or service, or design or style. It’s the very cornerstone of life’s hopes and aspirations. And it’s a brave thing to create. We understand and respect that - and those who set out to create their dreams around a new home. We appreciate the fragility of such visions and we exist to protect and nurture those dreams.

Our Knockdown & Rebuild team will help you through the process every step of the way

  • We carefully assess your block of land and discuss its possibilities with you.
  • We work with you to understand how you want to live and how to choose your ideal home.
  • We provide easy to understand quotes.
  • We organise approvals and permits for your new home (excluding town planning).
  • We guarantee your construction time frame inclusive of your personal variations.

What's your style?

Upfront Checklist

When assessing your block of land for a Knockdown & Rebuild you need to first consider the following:

Planning Regulations - The very first thing you should do is contact your local council to establish if there are any overlays (heritage or vegetation) affecting your land or alternatively you can access this information via the web at services.land.vic.gov.au/landchannel/content/addresssearch. Simply type your address and click search. The next screen will bring up your address, tick the box and click search again. On this screen you will see a number of reports you can choose but we recommend you tick the box which is your basic property report and then click next. This is a summary page of your parcel of land which includes your Planning Zone and Planning Overlays affecting your land. Take the time to click on these reports to review or contact your local council for further details regarding clarification.

Street frontage and depth of block - You need to consider the size of your block when choosing a new home plan. Generally in established areas Council requires the setback of the principal frontage of your home to be the average of both of your neighbours. Should you wish to be further forward than this, a Report and Consent approval would be required to be obtained through Council. This process can commence post the completion of your tender appointment and the expected time frame of assessment is approximately six weeks.

Setbacks –  All new dwellings to comply with building regulations where minimum front, side and rear setbacks need to be met. Discuss these requirements with your Sales Consultant when considering your new home.

Easements–  Does your block of land have any easements? Easements can impact which designs will work on your block. This information can be obtained by contacting the owners of the easement (ie: council, water authorities) or from your Plan of Subdivision.

Slope of your block of land–  What is the slope of your block? Does it slope front/back or side to side? We need to understand the gradient to determine if it is suitable for construction. Porter Davis will arrange an initial site assessment through your Sales Consultant to determine if this is suitable to be constructed on.

Orientation and natural light– You need to consider carefully the position that you want your new house to sit on your block. Ideally the orientation of your new home should maximise the amount of natural light.

Driveway Postition – Ensure you take your existing driveway position into account when you are choosing a house plan. Should you wish to change the existing location of your crossover (driveway) you will then need to obtain approval to do this direct with your Council.

Drainage – All sites require a legal point of discharge (LPOD) and a sewer tie within the property boundary for drainage prior to site start. In some cases in established areas, your existing LPOD may be unsatisfactory for a new dwelling. If LPOD is not within the boundary it is the clients' responsibility to ensure it is brought into the boundary. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the owner. Council will determine the satisfactory LPOD and Porter Davis will order this information prior to your tender appointment for presentation at this appointment. Any additional construction required will be determined at this point.

Street Access –  You will need to take into account how accessible your block is for both demolition and construction. Size of roads, schools in the area, overhead power lines and the requirement for traffic management (if you are on a busy road or in a difficult to access area) will need to be factored in. Please be aware that restricted access blocks may incur additional charges due to management of traffic and manual unloading of materials.

Power Supply – Porter Davis constructs all new dwellings with underground power. As your existing dwelling will have overhead power which will be abolished prior to your demolition, you will need to arrange the installation of an underground electricity pit through your provider. This process can be commenced prior to the demolition of your home and can be lengthy. Contact your provider for an application form (Porter Davis can assist in filling out your application if needed). Once returned, you will receive a quote which is valid for 30 days. When this has been paid (within the 30 day period) your electricity pit will be installed in approximately 28 days. From there, your electricity pit can take up to 21 days to be energised (made live). Porter Davis requires a live electricity power pit prior to construction commencing.

Neighbours – Can play a part in assisting with the approval of your design. Should your proposed build fall outside of the standard building regulations, you should gain consent from your neighbours upfront, as any objections they may have can affect the design of your home (ceiling heights and windows, etc) and this can delay your build time. Neighbours also need to be engaged regarding fencing as depending on your build fencing may need to be removed prior to site start.

Pool – Do you intend to put in a new pool or keep your old pool? Please ensure you discuss this with Porter Davis upfront as this can have a bearing on which house plan you proceed with, and may impact on the cost of your slab design (foundations of your new home) and construction. To maintain a safe workplace, Porter Davis requires a minimum distance of 1800mm between your home and pool and you will be required to install a hard pool cover to Australian Standards prior to construction commencing. Please discuss this in further detail at your tender appointment.


Key things you need to know

Now that you’ve narrowed down the ideal home to put on your existing block, we’ll take you through some key things you need to know and outline what areas fall under your responsibility.

Porter Davis has people with extensive experience in Knockdown and Rebuild and we are here to help with both the general and technical aspects of your journey. Should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact your Building Co-ordinator.

Extensive Site Assessment
Porter Davis will come to your block of land to conduct an extensive site assessment to cover off the following:

  • Site accessibility. This covers the access for construction on all four boundary sides
  • Fall across block
  • Overhead power lines will need to be assessed for site access
  • Neighbouring properties and proposed new dwelling orientation
  • Requirements for traffic management
  • Location of trees
  • Establish any OH&S onsite requirements

Demolition Asset Protection Permit
You will be required to obtain an Asset Protection Permit through Council prior to the commencement of your demolition. An application fee along with a bond will be required to be paid which covers any damage to existing council infrastructure, such as footpaths, nature strips and driveway crossovers.

Demolition Permit
Your demolition contractor will need to apply for a Demolition Permit from your Council. Once an application is made this can take up to 28 days to issue. Should your existing dwelling or the overall site contain asbestos, your demolition contractor will be required to remove this and provide you with a proof of removal of asbestos certificate. You will need to provide Porter Davis with a copy of your demolition permit prior to the commencement of construction.

Established Fencing
Existing side and back fencing will need to be assessed and may need to be removed for access reasons, please consult with your neighbours. Front fences will be demolished with the house, including the footings. Information regarding the specifics of your fencing will be provided to you at your tender appointment.

Temporary Fencing
Your demolition contractor will organise temporary fencing during your demolition phase. This temporary fencing will be required to be removed prior to Porter Davis commencing construction. Porter Davis will provide temporary fencing during your new home construction.

Water meter
These can easily be damaged during the demolition period and they are expensive to replace. We highly recommend you talk to your demolition contractor and ask them to take steps to guarantee the protection of your meter during demolition

Tree Removal
Is there a vegetation overlay? Permits may be required to remove any trees that are in the area. At your tender appointment Porter Davis will provide you with a demolition plan nominating what existing structures need to be removed, including any trees. If a permit is required to remove any trees you will need to arrange an application with Council for their removal. In some cases, Council may require an Arborist Report, which they can arrange on your behalf or alternatively you can arrange for your own arborist and supply their
report with your application. Generally speaking, if you have a Vegetation Protection Overlay a permit will be required to remove a tree that is over and above 10 metres with a diameter of 0.5 metres at a nominated distance of 1.5 metres from ground level. NOTE: Check with council if there is a local law in place protecting any trees. This may be the case even though no overlay is identified on your block.

Disconnection of Services
Before any demolition can commence, you need to ensure all existing services are disconnected.

  • Contact your utility supplier to have the Gas disconnected and capped.
  • Contact your utility supplier to have the Electricity disconnected and removed back to the feeder pole.
  • Contact a registered plumber to remove the sewer back to the tie locations and cap. NOTE:
  • New sewer points may be required during construction.
  • Contact a registered plumber to remove all storm water drains back to the legal point of discharge, or to the title boundary, if they are outside the property.

Don't Demolish yet
Demolition should only commence once Porter Davis has applied for your building permit. This will be applied for the day you sign your contract. It will then take approximately 3 to 5 days after the signing of your contract to receive a checklist with the items required to be completed/provided prior to obtaining your building permit. Your Building Coordinator will contact you once this is received and assessed, to confirm demolition can commence.

Demolition Process

Demolition Process

Pre Construction Considerations

After you have organised for the demolition of the existing dwelling you will need to ensure the site is ready for construction to begin. Following are some key points for you to consider:

Clean and Clear Site
Porter Davis will need your site to be clean and clear following the completion of your demolition. You will need to ensure your demolition company removes all debris on your block. Commonly bricks/timber are left just below the surface which are exposed when Porter Davis commences the first phase of construction. Should debris be found, Porter Davis may need to charge additional costs to remove any excess debris that your demolition company has not removed. Please check your site once demolition is completed and provide your Building Coordinator with a photo confirming your block is ready for construction.

Hazardous Materials
Asbestos is very common in established homes. Your demolition company will take care of the removal of this material and you will need to ensure they remove all traces of it from your block. Should Porter Davis find elements of asbestos at the pre-construction inspection, we will not be able to commence work, (due to safety reasons), until all of the asbestos has been cleared

Protection of neighbour's property
A Protection Works Notice can be arranged for you by Porter Davis. This may be required to insure against any affected neighbours during construction. This would need to be signed off by your neighbour if Porter Davis is constructing on your boundary. Please note: this can also relate to your garage or any retaining walls

Knockdown & Rebuild Checklist

Check List


All progress payments are per HIA recommended payment schedule and is required in five stages:

1. Initial deposit 5%. Pay $2,000 up front with 3% due at tender and balance of 5% at contract
2. Slab Stage: 20%
3. Frame Stage: 25%
4. Lock up Stage: 20%
5. Fix Stage: 20%
6. Completion: 10%

TOTAL 100%

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This book has been produced by Porter Davis to provide general starting point information only about the Knockdown & Rebuild process. Anyone considering a knockdown and rebuild should undertake their own enquiries and be aware that local council processes and regulations can vary.